Hi! I’m Huy

I’m a 3rd year Ph.D. candidate and research associate in the Interaction Lab at the University of Stuttgart. My research is grounded in the domain of Human-Computer Interaction and uses Machine Learning techniques to improve and extend interaction on mobile devices.

Most recently, I am working on novel touch-based interaction techniques that are aware of fingers and parts of the hand performing the touch. Using a combination of deep learning and raw capacitive data, inputs such as intended palm touches can be identified and used to solve limitations of touch input (e.g., limited reachability and shortcuts). I am also interested in modeling hand ergonomics and touch interaction in general to find new ways for improving interaction with mobile devices.

Prior to my Ph.D. work starting in late 2015, I completed a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Software Engineering at the University of Stuttgart. Moreover, I worked as a software engineering intern at Daimler TSS and as a visiting researcher at the School of Computing and Communications at the Lancaster University. Don’t hesitate to contact me in case of any questions!

Latest Updates

Presented two papers as first author (1, 2) and my PhD work at the Doctoral Consortium at CHI ’18 in Montréal, Canada.
Gave a public talk of my Milestone Presentation about Hand-and-Finger-Aware Touch Interaction on Mobile Devices at the University of Stuttgart.
Gave a tutorial on Machine Learning with Tensorflow for Mobile and Ubiquitous Interaction at MUM ’17.
Presented a paper about reducing touchscreen latency using neural networks and IMUs at ISS ’17 in Brighton, England.
Gave a tutorial on Machine Learning for Intelligent Mobile User Interfaces Using TensorFlow at MobileHCI ’17 in Vienna, Austria, and at Mensch & Computer 2017 at Regensburg, Germany.


Machine Learning for Human-Computer Interaction (Lab Course)
Machine Learning for Intelligent Mobile User Interfaces using TensorFlow (Lab Course)
Media Informatics (Lecture)
Physical Computing (Lab Course)
Multimodal Interaction for Ubiquitous Computers (Lecture)
Mobile Multi-Device Interaction (Lab Course)

Academic Service